Remember the first time you caught a fish? That tug on the line, and the excitement of reeling it in? When you landed your first catch, I bet you got hooked yourself on a sport that promises a lifetime of thrills and great memories.  At Wild Wood Sports we love fishing too and our mission is to have a lot of fun, and help you have fun too by catching more fish. We do a lot of research right here in our own backyard with different kinds of soft bait lures in order to find what is most effective. This means spending countless hours on some very beautiful lakes in North Idaho. Someone has to do it!

 Early in 2016, we were excited to learn of an opportunity to acquire Dirty Burd Lures. Developed by Bass fisherman Mike Burdman. The Dirty Burd soft bait lures have brought in numerous trophy fish in tournaments all over the U.S. and our latest baits will continue to do just that. Our stick bait, "THUMP," was designed to be a versatile bait. The flat head and soft body gives you a multitude of options to rig. The "KING CRAW" utilizes a wide claw and raised edges that displaces a lot of water while still maintaining a subtle action when resting on the bottom. The "MUD GRUB" is the perfect pitching bait. Sleek in design, the "MUD GRUB" comes through the thickest of cover with ease, and with a compact profile, the fish is sure to take the hook when it strikes.

Please give our lures a try. We hope they will bring you a lot of success, and if you have a chance, send us a photo. We would be very pleased to add you and your fish to our gallery!